Bolleke Lighting

  • $179.00
Light grey

Creating light wherever you like! Bolleke is a creation from the Dutch Nathalie Schellekens. For the loop, she was inspired by the hair elastics and sailing binder smart systems. The name? It's coming from the round ball shape; Bolleke in Dutch.


  • Diameter: 8" / 20 cm
  • Weight: 3.2lbs / 1.45 kg
  • Material: HDPE, ABS, Silicone rubber
  • Watt: 1
  • Battery type: Li-polymer / 3.7v
  • Duration:
    • Setting 1: 24 hours
    • Setting 2: 15 hours
    • Setting 3: 6 hours

This product comes with a charging cable, but without an adapter. The charging cable has a USB connection. Use the adapter of your mobile phone, a Fatboy adapter, or connect the USB cable to your computer. Adapter max 5V 1amp. If you charge your product with an adapter that does not meet these conditions, this may affect the battery.

The first charge must be a minimum of 8 hours.