Camera Lens Keychain Travel Shot Glass with Lid

  • $15.00
Love snapping up those memorable moments? You can now feel like a photo fanatic with this quirky new shot glass. This striking glass has a look and feel of an authentic camera lens. It is the coolest shot glass ever created! They're perfect in every detail, from the teeny raised AF/MF switch to the focus-ring ridges. It is the most unique gift that can be found for a photographer!  Need something for Saturday night?
  • 75ml
  • Highly detailed
  • Helps you enlighten the "blurry" mood inside an office
  • An amazing gift for your photographer
  • Looks exactly like a camera lens and will soon become an essential part of your photographer's kit bag!!
  • Stainless steel interior with removable lid and key chain
  • Realistic camera lens
  • Cup lid with a key chain for convenience 
  • Please do not drink & drive